Originally a joint effort of The Alberta Library, Parkland Regional Library System, Peace Library System, and Yellowhead Regional Library, Stronger Together came together in March 2020, as libraries were closing and library conferences everywhere were being cancelled. A first for these partners was the completely virtual Stronger Together conference, planned and delivered entirely from a distance. 

The first conference exceeded all our expectations, with over one thousand people from around the world taking part in the event. Our team learned a lot about how to facilitate meaningful learning opportunities in a digital space, and we excitedly apply those lessons and ones we learn each year to the planning of each conference going forward. 

This year we welcome Northern Lights Regional Library system to the Stronger Together team as we embark in a new hybrid conference style. For the first time the Stronger Together team is hosting both an online conference day on November 3rd and an in-person conference day on November 10th at the River Cree Resort and Casino. We look forward to this learning experience and cannot wait to connect with conference goers in-person for the first time. 

The planning committee would like to thank their directors and CEOs for their ongoing support of Stronger Together. They would also like to thank the libraries and library staff in the regional library systems they serve for being enthusiastic and willing participants in this venture.

We look forward to meeting you at Stronger Together 2023!